~Double Celebration~

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Let’s just say this last month I have seen and photographed a LOT of cake!  Apparently April is a popular month to be born.  With birthdays come cake smashes, especially if 2017 happens to be a big birthday year!

Recently I had one of my most fun and unique sessions.  About a week ago my client Stacy contacted me about doing a cake smash for her little girl who was turning one.  It is no secret that I love doing cake smash sessions so of course I jumped at the opportunity to photograph her little cutie.  But to make this more fun, my Stacy asked if I would be interested in doing photos of HER for her 40th!  My answer?  ABSOLUTELY!  And to sweeten the whole deal, I suggested a mother-daughter session.  What could be more fun than mom turning 40 and daughter turning 1 to do a double smash?

Stacy could not have been more fun!  She totally got into it and this shows her awesomeness on multiple levels.  First of all, not everyone has the personality and confidence to do a session like this.  I know I don’t.  Heck, I don’t even dance because I’m so self-conscious!  But Stacy took this session head on and nailed it!  Her amazing personality shines through and she truly had an amazing time.  The other awesome thing about this is that she GOT IN THE FRAME with her daughter.  I have so many parents, especially moms, who don’t want pictures of themselves.  I’ve heard lots of reasons why they don’t want to get in the frame.  My response is always the same.  I always ask, “Don’t you want your children to see photos of them with you?”  To our kids, we are perfect no matter what!  So here we have the fun, bubbly Stacy having a blast in the frame with her daughter.  Imagine them looking back at these photos in 20 years and just loving everything about them!

So my message here is:

Have fun!

 Get in the frame!

Preserve the memories that will
remind your children how fun you are!

Just do it!

Here are some of the photos from the session.  Enjoy!!!

XOXO – Bonnie

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