Summer...the perfect time for trips to the beach | Orange County Child & Family Photographer

July 17, 2018


Here we are, just about in the middle of our summer break.  My kids have been out for just over one month and we have just over one month to go.  I've been trying to keep them busy with some various camps, trips to the library, piano lessons, and lots of art and reading.  But on the weekends we have found that we enjoy going to the beach in the evening.  It is such a beautiful time of day at the beach and considering we live in this beautiful state of California we figured we should take advantage more often.

I had not really ever considered an evening trip to the beach until I did a session there on July 1.  I had an extended family session with the Wener family who was renting a house down in Newport.  I decided it would be fun to bring my family along and let them hang out while I worked.  They had a great time throwing the frisbee and digging holes while I was busy working with the Weners.


So today I wanted to start of by sharing the Wener family with you.  I met them through my friend Meghann Herter.  Meghann and I have been teaming up for the past few months to do the Matilda Jane mini sessions.  Meg's daughter Sydney and Sydney Wener (what are the chances that they have the same name?!) are best friends.  Jennifer Wener (the mom) booked a Matilda Jane Valentine Mini session with me back in February and that was the first time I had a chance to photograph her twins, Sydney and Gabriel.  She then booked a Matilda Jane Mama & Me session this spring.  The beach session was my third (and hopefully not last) opportunity to work with this great family!  



Bottom line: The Weners are SO MUCH FUN and amazing people!  Jennifer is PTA president and volunteer extraordinaire at Canyon Rim Elementary.  She is as kind and as warm as can be (she must get it from her lovely mother who was also there).  The twins are 8 years old (same as my little guy) and exude energy, fun, and sweetness.  They are so smart and outgoing.  Jennifer must be one proud mama!  When I arrived at the beach house I was greeted by Gabe.  He gave me a huge hug and proudly showed off his new Matilda Jane shirt.  (Side note: Matilda Jane just released their first-ever boy's and men's line).  Both kids were extremely excited to get down to the water for photos.  They were also excited to show off their cousins, Sam and Miriam.  Grandma's and grandpa's, aunts and uncles...we had the whole gang there!  They were so welcoming and cooperative and I had an absolute blast working with them!  On top of that, they were dressed perfectly for our beautiful evening and I was loving Sydney's beautiful white mermaid style dress down by the water!  I am thrilled with how the photos came out.  They make me want to do beach sessions all the time!




This past weekend I decided it would be fun to head back to the beach for another evening of (setting) sun, sand, and fun.  We brought dinner with us and invited my hubby's sister's family to join us.  My kids absolutely LOVE playing with their little cousins, Anne & Miles.  And Anne & Miles think my kids walk on water.  They are so much fun to watch.  My kids are so lucky to have their cousins live close enough to see on a regular basis!  Of course my camera came with me to capture some fun moments with them as well.  Heck, I even got in the frame this time around!



So, if you are looking for a great way to spend your evening and want to be able to skip the sunscreen, head to the beach around 6:00 pm this summer. You won't be disappointed!!!

Until next time!  ~ Bonnie

PS - Slideshow below if you want to see more photos of the Weners and my clan!