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May 21, 2018

Happy Monday!  


           I hope this blog post finds everyone ready to take on the week!  Today I want to share a lifestyle session I recently did featuring two of the cutest three year old twins around, Anne & Miles.  I've been wanting to launch these types of sessions for a while now and knew that this adorable family would be the perfect start.  The point of this session was to highlight the messiness of childhood.  Toddlers are CRAZY and full of energy and I wanted to show what a typical Sunday morning is like for this family.  Life with twin three year olds is a ton of work.  Mom and dad are exhausted by the end of each day.  Parenting in general is hard and it really doesn't matter what age your kids are.  Each stage has is challenges.  When we are in the thick of it we can be stressed and just can't wait until they kids are finally asleep.  But let me tell you, one day all parents will wistfully look back at those difficult years and smile.  With these types of sessions it is my goal to freeze a moment in time...a TRUE MOMENT of everyday life...so that years from now the parents can go back through an album and laugh and cry about how their babies used to be and how they have now grown up!

        How are these sessions different from my others?  Well, first off, they are in YOUR home.  You don't have to get dressed up.  Kids don't need special outfits.  In a way, the messier, the better!  Of course, a clutter-free zone is nice, but as for the people in the photos, natural is great!  I want to come in and be a fly on the wall, taking in your daily routine.  See what you do and how you interact with your family. Secondly, they last about two hours.  That gives us time to get acquainted and to do more than just sit and eat cereal and read books.  And finally,  unlike my regular sessions, each of these comes complete with a custom photo album showcasing the beautiful images. This will be an album you will cherish forever.  I certainly wish I'd had a session like this done at my house when my kiddos were toddlers!


      So, without further ado, here is a tiny sampling of what went on with Anne & Miles the other day.  Enjoy!



{A Day in the Life} Weigand Family



Our session started off with a healthy breakfast of powdered sugar donuts
while Mom sipped her Starbucks and washed dishes.  
Dad was at the store picking up groceries for the week and joined us later.


Sharing is caring, especially with these two munchkins!

Apparently building a donut tower is just as much fun as eating them!


Mom "caffeinating" to keep up with these high energy kiddos.


There is just something about little piggy toes!


"Big Sister" Miley Moose kept a lazy watch on the kids while they enjoyed their treat!


Never a dull moment!

Mom looks on while doing the dishes.  Meanwhile these guys can't get enough of their treat.


Powdered sugar kisses are the BEST!





After breakfast it was time or Mom to put on her make-up.  
She waited for me to arrive for this since the kids like to "help" her with her make-up
and they have their own pretend make-up kit.  
She says this is a very common practice at their house!





I eventually took the kids to their room while mom put on the finishing touches of her make-up.  
I asked them to show me their beds and their favorite stuffed animals.  I quickly saw how quickly they can get into trouble!
 It took about 45 seconds for Miles to start climbing on the dresser!  He also found the brush and played with the thermometer.

Of course there was some jumping on the bed!  I'd say at least 80% of this session involved jumping!


Miles is more of the observer.  Here he is, watching Annie put all of the stuffed animals on the bookcase.

But now it is time to climb!  And comb his hair, apparently.


"Annie!  Looks! The thermometer!"

Miles loves his monkey.


Annie loves to jump!


And Annie loves Lion Guard, too!




Once they were done showing me their room, they took me back to Mom & Dad's room
where Miley was enjoying some peace and quiet...until they showed up!




Because jumping on the bed isn't enough, we next moved into the living room for some fun with Alexa.  Here they ran in circles (grabbing donuts each time they passed the kitchen table) piled cushions on the floor, jumped on the couch, and hid in the curtains! 

"Hey Alexa, play Justing Timberlake 'Can't stop the feeling!'" - Annie Banannie 


After all of the activity they did settle down in their chairs and shared a quiet moment...
complete with Anne sitting on Miles and then Miles licking Anne and a quick trip into their fort.  




Soon after that Dad arrived so they settled down to read some books.  
Of course, they couldn't agree on one book so Mom took Anne and Dad took Miles.




Part of the reason we did this session when we did was to celebrate the kids' 3rd birthday.  We'd been promising cupcakes all morning so after books it was time for a sugary treat and we sang "Happy Birthday."




Now fully loaded up with sugar between donuts and cupcakes, we headed outside.  They have a huge backyard complete with a swing,
play fort with a slide and swings, basketball hoop "hoops," and other fun stuff.  Plus, Daddy is the best toy of all!




Following backyard fun time, we engaged in yet another common activity: pedicures!
 Both kids love getting their piggies painted and they enjoy doing the painting, too!  
Because this is such a messy process we did it outside.




After the pedicures it was time for me to leave (and time for these kiddos to have lunch and take a nap).  I'd packed up my gear and was heading out but then pulled it out again out in the front yard because there were a couple more moments too good not to miss.

In all we had a fantastic time!  Anne and Miles are the cutest and I love that they play so well together.  
What a gift to have a built in best friend!  I'm already looking forward to our next session together!




If you have made it to the end, thank you for sticking with me!  I know it is a lot of photos!!!  I hope you feel like you were there with them and see just how special these sessions are!  If you are interested in booking your very own "A Day in the Life" session, drop me a line!




For more session info, click here or call 714-767-2134 or email me at [email protected]

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