March 19, 2019



Hello everyone!

            I just realized I'm quite overdue writing here!  2019 has started off pretty busy and I've actually had a number of sessions despite the constant rain.  

           Today I wanted to tell you all about a course I just completed.  Just like every other profession out there, it is important to continue to learn and grow as a photographer.  I have really wanted to start offering sessions that are less posed and more natural.  I feel that unposed sessions really show the beautiful connection between family members.  These are the sessions that freeze a moment in time.  They give children more flexibility to run around and be themselves.  If they want to pick flowers or dig with sticks, they are more than welcome to do so while I snap away.  If baby is unhappy and just wants to cuddle mama, so be it!  For those of you who have worked with me in the past know, I have embraced these little moments all along.  However, with this new "unposed" theory, the goal is to be a fly on the wall at all times.  Of course I direct you where to go, where to sit, etc. but then I let you be yourselves and I take a step back and let the magic happen naturally.  I truly believe these are the moments we should be capturing and they are the moments you will especially treasure when you look back years from now.  The sweet, sloppy kiss from your two year old, the goofy bear hug from your nine year old.  These sessions work for all ages.  Going forward you will notice subtle changes in how I run things.  You will of course get a few great posed shots if you want them.  But I feel like the natural, real-life shots are going to be the ones that make your heart surge with love for your spouse and children.


          So, that brings me to the Elliott family!  You heard me right!  The Elliott family (and it isn't mine)!  The mom, actually found me on Instagram this fall when she was searching for a photographer that shot at Peltzer Pines.  That means all of those hours that I put into social media are actually worth it!  People are finding me!   So they have this beautiful little family and I knew they'd be perfect for an unposed session.  They wanted to do it at the Fullerton Arboretum which got me pretty darn excited because I've never actually done a session there.  The Fullerton Arboretum has a ton of gorgeous little spots to photograph in, including a stream, lake, cactus garden, redwoods, the list goes on.  I was a little worried because they do close on the early side so it was pretty bright but we still got some pretty amazing shots.


          Our session at the Fullerton Arboretum was on a pretty chilly day. The parents decided to keep knit caps on both of the boys.  I think they look adorable so I'm glad we did this!  We started out by the little stream.  The older boy (I'm choosing to leave out their names), instantly picked up a stick and wielded it as if it were his light saber.  He had so much fun playing around and we just let him go while I snapped some adorable shots.  Dad kept an eye on him while I got a few shots of Mom with the baby.  Then I brought them together for a few group shots.  We then moved on to a few different locations.  At one point Mom had to re-tie the older boy's pants.  We stopped at a bench and I got some shots of her tying his pants.  It was a beautiful spot so we stayed for a bit.  Part of my goal is to tell your story so if it involves tying pants or shoes, wiping noses or wiping tears, I'm there to capture it all.


          Our ultimate destination was the cactus garden.  I knew we'd get some beautiful light over there and there are some rocks that provided a nice spot for them to hang out.  I brought bubbles but they somehow didn't make it into my wagon (next time!).  Over on the rocks I backed up a bit and just asked Mom & Dad to tell the boys a story or to look for bunnies.  Then I moved around and captured their connection there.


         In all, it was a great session and I think the kiddos had a fun time.  I am excited to do more like this in the future and I'm always excited to learn new styles and ideas in the world of photography.  Of course, I still do all of the other stuff I've been doing for years.  My seasonal mini sessions aren't going away.  But you might notice that I'll be getting more candid shots there, too!  Coming up I have Spring Swing Sessions and Easter sessions won't be far behind!


       I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the photos from this fun, unposed session!








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