Short & Sweet Photography | Now that you've booked a session

Thank you for booking a session with me.  Now you must be thinking, "now what?"  Here is what you should know and what to expect:


Sessions with me are relaxed and fun.  I don’t expect kids to be on their “best behavior.”  Don’t feel bad if they aren’t perfect little angels during our session.  I don’t expect them to be.  I expect them to be who they are.  I want the experience to be fun for all involved so that your kids will be happy to return for pictures with “Miss Bonnie” for years to come.  The biggest thing that you can do to help is to trust me.  Trust that I will get natural and beautiful expressions from your child(ren).  Since children often feel the need to “perform” for their parents, I may ask that you give us some space to work without them seeing you.  I know it is hard because you are probably thinking “I spent a lot of money for this session, it has to go well.”  But, trust me, parents that are overly anxious about getting the perfect shot usually result in less than cooperative kids.  I promise to capture your kids’ genuine expressions.

{What to wear}

I suggest you wear medium shades (greys, medium blues, medium greens, light browns, etc.).  Don’t all wear the same thing but pull the colors from one outfit to the next.  Simple slip dresses are nice for girls and women. Shorts or pants with a solid or slightly patterned button up shirt for boys and men.   The goal is to be cohesive, not have a random bright color pop out here and there.  It will draw the eye to that one person instead of the group as a whole.

Personally, I prefer families go more casual.  I prefer photos of you sitting and snuggling together rather than a bunch of standing photos.  As a result, short skirts and dresses are not ideal.  White pants are also not ideal.  However, if you have a vision, go with it!  The most important thing is for you to feel good about how you look.  The more comfortable you are, the better your images will be!

 *There is a travel fee starting at $55 for locations outside of Anaheim Hills & Yorba Linda.

{Session Deposit}

To secure your session, a $100 deposit is required for all sessions (excluding mini sessions).  Click here to be directed to a payment page.



Please take a moment to fill out my contract.  It is due, along with payment balance, at the beginning of your session.


I have several locations to choose from.  You need to think of what it is you want.  I primarily stick to Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda.  Do you want a background that is natural and rustic?  Maybe a some wooden fences with dirt trails and trees?  Or perhaps you'd like a lake backdrop, bridges, and darker paved pathways and trees.  Or maybe you prefer green grass, a picnic perhaps?  The beach? Yes, we can do the beach.*  We can work together to choose the perfect location for you!

Option 1: Rustic trial complete with wooden fences, a mixture of trees,and even a little shaded bridge.  I often refer to this as "my trail."


"My Trail"

Option 2: Yorba Regional Park.  This park has it all!Gorgeous trees, bridges, lakes, ducks, piers,and dark winding pathways.

Yorba Regional Park

Option 3: Hurless Barton Park in Yorba Linda.  This park is especially great if you like the red house in the background.  There is also a nice brick feature on the the building that provides a lovely backdrop.  This park is also nice and green if you want to avoid the dirt trails.
***Disclaimer: There is a play structure here, which may help or hinder your session.


Hurless Barton Park, Yorba Linda 

Option 4: The beach!  This is down around 32nd street in Newport. You either have to arrive really early or just before sunset. Those who have met me there at 7:30 am know what I'm talking about.


The Peninsula in Newport Beach

Option 5: Your own home.  Sometimes it is just wonderful to capture some beautiful family memories right in your own home.  I offer a package called {A Day in the Life} that documents the craziness of real life within your home.  I'm also happy to do traditional sessions in your home as well.


In your own home


I hope you find this information helpful and I look forward to working with you soon!