All About Aiden {A Birthday Session Story}

April 30, 2019


Hello!  Today I want to talk about the adorable Aiden and his 4th birthday photo session.  Back in March I started advertising my swing minis.  These sessions are very popular with little girls.  Their moms dress them up in beautiful dresses, put curls in their hair and flowers in their cubby little hands.  Often I decorate the swing with flowers and get gorgeous shots of these little cherubs laughing and having fun swinging.  But not all of my clients have little girls.  Some have been gifted with tribes of boys.  And who says swing sessions can't be for boys, too?  So one day I received a message from my friend, Agnes, asking if we could do a swing session for her little guy, Aiden.  Aiden had his 4th birthday coming up and she wanted to get some beautiful photos of this stage in his life.


{Aiden & his truck}

Aiden is such a sweet little boy.  I'm pretty sure that his mama is his favorite person in the world.  But garbage trucks are right up there after mom, dad & brothers.  I think Aiden would be content to play with his garbage truck all day.  So naturally, his mom decided to plan his party and photos around garbage trucks!  We started off with the little guy dressed in his personalized garbage truck t-shirt.  We let him play around with his toy truck, which made him immensely happy.  His session was along a dirt trail, perfect for driving his truck up and down the "road."  



{Aiden & his cupcake}

After we let him play for a bit, we made our way further down the trail where we gave him a giant cupcake.  He was pretty good about eating it and not getting too messy!  When he was done with his cupcake, he "drove" his truck back up to where we started so that we could get him changed and onto the swing.  Unfortunately, he dragged his elbow in the dirt along the way while pushing his truck and got a sizable boo-boo. Luckily mama was there to comfort him and he got over it pretty quickly (probably because he hadn't actually noticed the blood)!




{Aiden gets changed}

Once we got back up to the tree with the swing, Agnes got Aiden changed.  When she booked the session I suggested she put him in a white tank top with suspenders.  I thought that would be a really cute look for him on the swing.  I'm so glad she took my advice because his outfit was perfect!  Agnes was mindful of Aiden's big scrape and got him dressed and ready to go for the swing.



{Aiden & the swing}

The moment we put Aiden on the swing, he was a happy camper!  That boo-boo was forgotten and he had a great time swinging back and forth.  He gave me some great smiles and expressions and I got some really beautiful shots!  He is such a happy little guy and was such a pleasure to work with!   I am so happy that we got all of these images and they really tell the story of what we did that day.  Sessions like these are so special, as they provide a way to look back years from now and see what our kiddos were into at certain ages.  

{Aiden & his boo-boo}

When we finished up, Aiden suddenly looked down and noticed his elbow!  The realization that he really did hurt it brought back the tears and the sweetest little expression.  I managed to capture the look he gave his mom when he noticed it!  Aw, sweet boy!!!

I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into our day!  Please think of me when your child is approaching a birthday!  I'd love to document them, too!