Babies here, babies there!

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Happy Friday Everyone!

It is no secret that I specialize in children…you know, little people who walk and sort of talk.  They sit up on their own and flash me fantastic smiles from time to time.  I love little personalities and especially love kids that are a challenge.  Babies, on the other hand, are a whole other type of subject.  They are just as unpredictable as children but in a different way.  Babies are delicate, precious, SO NEW!  They are so sweet and they are also (sometimes) the most difficult to photograph.

Somehow I managed to book two newborns over the last two weeks.  Both were last minute.  The first one I got a call on Monday and I had them here on Wednesday.  The second one was scheduled for August 26th but he decided to arrive early.  Next thing I know, I have HIM here this Wednesday.  Let’s just say, I got super lucky with both of these guys!  They were both extremely mellow dudes. They slept well and they let me pose them.  I am thrilled with the moments I captured and just have to share a few.  They will make you want another…trust me!  So here we have D& L (and D’s adorable older brother, too)!

Baby DDSC_0091 DSC_0128-Edit-2

Baby L

DSC_0237 DSC_0295-2



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