"My kids have a short attention span"  -   "I'm lucky if my little guy sits still for two minutes"
"I just want a couple really great shots of my kids together"   -    "I just want a few beautiful shots to use for my Christmas card/Valentine Card/ Easter Card, etc."   -   "I want something cute to put on Facebook"



I hear all of these comments on a regular basis.  The solution?  Seasonal mini sessions!  Low time commitment, affordable, and oh, so much fun!!!



Short & Sweet Minis are an excellent way to get a little taste of Short & Sweet Photography.  They are quick, 15 or 30 minute sessions scheduled throughout the year, often around various holidays or seasons.   We try to keep the sessions fresh from year to year!  This year some of our recently added sessions include "Back to School(bus)" Minis and Christmas Tree Farm Minis. Keep an eye out for these fun and affordable sessions:

15 Minute Sessions:

Valentine's Day
Independence Day
Back to School

30 Minute Sessions:

Mommy + Me
Daddy + Me






Introducing Short & Sweet Photography Mini Sessions featuring
Jane Clothing!


Meghann Herter, Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper Recently, Short & Sweet Photography has teamed up with Matilda Jane Clothing to bring to you adorable, specialized mini sessions featuring Matilda Jane outfits, complete with styling from MJ Trunk Keeper, Meghann Herter.  We offer personal styling and a clothing credit with each session!  Matilda Jane Sessions are an added on bonus to all of the Short & Sweet Sessions.  They are $175 and you receive a $75 merchandise credit for MJ Clothing and personal styling prior to your session.  On top of that, you don't have to worry about choosing outfits for your kids!  We do it for you!