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Summer...the perfect time for trips to the beach

July 17, 2018  •  1 Comment
Here we are, just about in the middle of our summer break. My kids have been out for just over one month and we have just over one month to go. I've been trying to keep them busy with some various camps, trips to the library, piano lessons, and lots of art and reading. But on the weekends we have found that we enjoy going to the beach in the evenin...
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Ah, the magic of editing!

June 22, 2018  •  1 Comment
Happy Summer! As of yesterday summer has officially arrived! The last month has been crazy around here with school getting out and we jumped right into summer activities like soccer camp and visits to the park. I've been busy with sessions, too, which is awesome! I thought today it might be fun to share with you the magic of editing. On Monday I h...
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A Day in the Life

May 21, 2018  •  2 Comments
Happy Monday! I hope this blog post finds everyone ready to take on the week! Today I want to share a lifestyle session I recently did featuring two of the cutest three year old twins around, Anne & Miles. I've been wanting to launch these types of sessions for a while now and knew that this adorable family would be the perfect start. The point...
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My Mother's Day Gift - Keeping it real!

May 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Hello and welcome to the middle of May! We are rapidly approaching the end of the school year, meaning a lot is going on! Life is crazy as always with school, sports, family, and activities. Can you relate?! I'm sure most of you are in the same crazy boat. We run this way and that non-stop these days. That is why, this Mother's Day, all I asked for...
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Let's Celebrate all of the moms out there!

April 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Hello and happy Spring! The warm weather has officially arrived and it is so lovely out there (albeit a tiny bit too warm). The birds are singing and building their nests (a have a pair of doves that I've been watching out of my bedroom window for a few days, brining twigs to build their new home). The flowers are blooming and I hear the reptiles a...
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