Once you’ve booked

Thank you for booking a session with me.  Now you must be thinking, “now what?”  Here is what you should know and what to expect:


I offer several different setting for your sessions within the Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda area.  Think about what kind of look you want for your photos.  Do you want a background that is natural and rustic?  Maybe a some wooden fences with dirt trails and trees?  Or perhaps you’d like a lake backdrop, bridges, and darker paved pathways and trees.  Or maybe you prefer green grass, a picnic perhaps?  The beach? Yes, we can do the beach.  We can work together to choose the perfect location for you!



I like my sessions to be relaxed and fun.  I don’t expect kids to be on their “best behavior.”  Don’t feel bad if they aren’t perfect little angels during our session.  I don’t expect them to be.  I expect them to be who they are.  I want the experience to be fun for all involved so that your kids will be happy to return for pictures with “Miss Bonnie” for years to come.  The biggest thing that you can do to help is to trust me.  Trust that I will get natural and beautiful expressions from your child(ren).  Since children often feel the need to “perform” for their parents, I may ask that you give us some space to work without them seeing you.  I know it is hard because you are probably thinking “I spent a lot of money for this session, it has to go well.”  But, trust me, parents that are overly anxious about getting the perfect shot usually result in less than cooperative kids.  I promise to capture your kids’ genuine expressions.  

What to wear

I suggest you wear medium shades (greys, medium blues, medium greens, light browns, etc.).  Don’t all wear the same thing but pull the colors from one outfit to the next.  Simple slip dresses are nice for girls and women. Shorts or pants with a solid or slightly patterned button up shirt for boys and men.   The goal is to be cohesive.  While it seems like a great idea at times to have one person wear a nice pop of color, I advise against it because it will draw the eye to that one person instead of the group as a whole.

After your session

In case you are curious about what comes next after your session, I have decided to jot down a few things to give you some understanding of the whole photography process.  And to let you know what you can expect.

First of all, immediately following our session, I will most likely zip home, run upstairs (after a quick round of kisses,”hello,” and “It went great” to my family), stick my SD card in my computer, and start copying files over to edit.  I usually don’t have the patience to wait a full 10+ minutes for them all to copy over and I often take a peek at what I’ve captured.  Once I have them all (usually 175-350 + images) loaded into my editing software, I begin spot checking for a handful of great shots.  I quickly edit those and send them to you as sneak peeks.  If you’ve given me permission, I might post a couple on my Short & Sweet Facebook page or Instagram.  I then go and make dinner for the family, eat, clean up, bathe my kiddos, pick up the house, and THEN go back and edit until at least 10:00 pm.  I'll pick up where I left off the next day once the kids are at school.

Once I am done editing (most sessions take a few hours depending on a number of factors), I upload the photos to an online gallery at http://shortsweetphotography.pixieset.com/.  Once they are in there, I do one final review and email them off to you. Yippee!!!  So NOW what?  Well, you then get to view your gallery and choose your allotted favorites.  If you decide you want ALL of the photos you  have the option to purchase the full gallery or get it “free” with a print purchase.  

If you are happy at the end of all of this, please go to my Client Testimonial page on this site and leave a comment.  And be sure to become my Facebook friend and follow me on Instagram!  Making new friends is one of my favorite parts of this job!