Family & Children Portfolio

I believe it is important to document our families throughout the years.  There is a short time in our lives where we change constantly.  Our children grow by leaps and bounds in their first ten years of life.  They learn to walk and talk, they lose teeth then they they grow big teeth!  They quickly evolve from babies into people who have opinions and ideas.  We as parents grow with them, too.  Photography gives us the opportunity to capture these fun times so that our children can look back at the photos and see themselves and see their families as a whole loving unit.  They grow up fast so it is best to capture them while we can!



Studio Portrait Portfolio

There are times when we want our images to focus solely on the people.  I offer studio sessions for a clean, crisp, timeless look.  These sessions are perfect for branding, headshots, and formal situations, and milestone sessions.  



Cake Smash Portfolio

One of my favorite types of session is the cake smash!  While these sessions are usually done to celebrate first birthdays, they are not limited to first birthdays.  I've done 2 year olds, 5 year olds, and even 40 year olds!  I often follow these up with a bath session to get your little ones nice and clean (complete with bubbles and rubber duckies).