In light of the these scary times in our world, I thought it would be fun to bring some sunshine and smiles to my community. That is why I am offering "Front Porch" sessions.  These sessions are super quick - 10 to 15 minutes tops - and will document your family during these trying times.  I will remain on the street/sidewalk and will not get less than 10 feet from you and your loved ones.  I will not bring props, as these sessions are meant to show your family in their natural environment.  I thought it might be helpful, however, to suggest some ideas to help you brainstorm before I arrive at your house for your session!  I hope you find this helpful and I cannot wait to document these little moments for you and your family!


~ Attire ~ Wear what you want!  This is not a formal portrait so you don't need to get dressed up unless you want to. Personally, I'd go casual in your everyday "play" or "quarantine" clothes.  Heck, jammies are fine by me!  But feel free to coordinate your colors if you want something a little more styled!  Just don't run out to Target to get new stuff.  Use whatever you have in your closets.


~ Props~ This is probably the wrong word to use, but if you'd like, bring out some toys for the kids.  I'm thinking tricycles, bubbles, balls, sidewalk chalk, etc.  For the adults a cup of coffee would be cute.


~Activities~ I'd love to get some action shots of the kids on the driveway or lawn.  I'm thinking cartwheels, jumping in muddy puddles, blowing bubbles, piggyback rides (from Dad, too)!  Kids are welcome to wrestle, play hopscotch, jumprope, etc.  Stuff that they have been doing lately to stay active and avoid boredom.


~Pets~ your pups are part of your family!  Bring them on out, too!  Kitties and other furry friends are welcome, too, just be sure to hold onto them tightly!


~Session time~ I'd like to take your photos when your front yard is completely shaded.  Time of day will depend on which direction your house faces.  Pay attention over the next couple of days.  For some of you (those facing West) the best time will be early evening.  Others morning might be better.  Just keep an eye on your light and we will use that info to schedule a great time for you and your family!


Please let me know if you have any questions!  I'm looking forward to seeing you from the street in the near future!


- Bonnie