Short & Sweet Photography | About

Who am I?  Well, I’m a lot of things!  My resume will tell you I am a 1995 graduate of Westlake High School.  I have my BA in Communication from UCSB and my MA in Communication Management from USC.  I come from a huge USC family and will be a Trojan until the day I die.  I am very creative and love putting on parties that require a lot of cutting, taping, gluing, baking, bow tying, and frosting.  I’m room mom and team mom year after year (after year).  I’m what other moms call “the creative one” and they often choose to do the emailing and business side of things and let me do the parties and gifts and whatever else comes up.  I am a wife and a mom.  I clean my own house and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner when we aren’t eating at Wahoo’s Fish Taco or Board and Brew.  I love to read, especially in a hot bubble bath.  I’m close with my family and friends.  I am also a bit crazy and weird, but I think that is okay!

When I was about nine years old my grandfather bought me my first camera.  It was a tiny little Kodak that, of course, required film.  From that day on I’ve had a camera in my hands.  In high school I never had the opportunity to take a photography class but I was still taking pictures.  At the time, Creative Memories was really popular.  This led me to combine two things I loved: photography and crafting.  I made album after album from high school through graduate school.  I continued taking countless pictures, documenting my life.  Friends never needed to bring a camera along because they always knew I’d have mine.

Fast forward several years to motherhood.  Now I have two little test subjects by my side.  I photograph them almost daily (yes, they are getting sick of me).  But they are great test subjects!  Determined to get amazing photos of them, I’ve pushed myself to learn more and more about the art of photography.

Recently I have decided to turn my hobby into my job.  I am excited to start helping you preserve special memories. I love working with children and would love to be there for some of the first smiles, first steps and first cake!  I love capturing the connection between siblings, between parents and their children, and even between friends.  I'm excited to get started!

Thank you for being here and allowing me the privilege of helping your families capture timeless memories.  I am excited to see who I'll photograph next!