The Sweetest Partnership: Short & Sweet Photography and Matilda Jane Clothing

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Hello and Happy March!!! 


           I am so excited to share what I've been working on lately: a partnership with Matilda Jane Clothing!  Together we are offering some really adorable opportunities for your kiddos!!!


How it happened:

             Our beautiful partnership happened the way many things do...a friend of a friend, a quick introduction at a youth soccer game, a new Facebook friendship, and a random comment on a all led us here to this super fun pairing!  Meghann Herter is a friend of my friend Lisa.  Their daughters are on the same soccer team and go to the same school.  Lisa recommend me to Meg for Christmas photos one day when we ended up on the same soccer field.  Meg and I exchanged info.  It turned out that Meg is an Independent Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper (I'm pretty sure that is a cute and fancy way of saying sales rep).  Anyway, Meg added me to her MJ Facebook group and I started getting notifications of her products.  If you aren't familiar with Matilda Jane take a look once you are done reading this!  They basically have the most adorable clothing for girls and moms (sorry, nothing for brothers at this time but they are welcome join in on the fun wearing their own clothes).  The clothes are bright and colorful.  Lots of fun patters, ruffles, buttons, special details.  They have socks, bows, tea sets, umbrellas, wellies, the list goes on!  Well, I kept seeing all of these adorable outfits and a couple of months ago I commented that I wanted to be a Matilda Jane photographer.  Next thing you know, Meg responds with a genius idea: Matilda Jane Mini Photo Sessions!

How it works:

Matilda Jane releases a new line once a month about ten months out of the year.  Each release focuses on the current season.  On the day of our sessions Meg shows up at my house with a TON of clothing samples in varying sizes.  She sets up her clothing rack and had everything organized on it.  She brings bows, accessories (umbrella, aprons, wellies, etc.).  I provide the adorable studio setup.  When each client arrives they have their hair and shoes ready for a photo session.  Then, they get to pick a dress and bow that they want to wear.  A quick change in the bathroom and presto!  They are model ready!!  Meg helps to pin dresses that might be too big, and offers suggestions on what to wear.  Once ready, we head out to the setup and I spend about 15-20 minutes photographing them in varying poses with different props.  Once finished, it is back into the house to change and Mom gets a $50 merchandise credit!  Let the shopping begin!!!  If time is short, the credit can be applied later so there is really no pressure.

A couple of days later my clients receive an email from me with their photo gallery.  There are usually around fifty images to choose from.  They get to pick five to receive as a digital download and have the option to purchase more digitals or prints.


The total cost of these session is $135.  Here is what you get:

~ A fun experience modeling adorable clothing in a unique setup

~ The amazing opportunity to NOT stress over outfits for photos! We do that for you!

~ 5 Edited Digital Images

~ $50 merchandise credit


These sessions are loads of fun and we are looking forward to doing them throughout the year!  We are even planning a fun Mama & Me session at a local park, complete with matching dresses for moms and girls!  Stay tuned and I'll keep you informed!!!


Oh!  Don't forget to go and find Meg on Facebook!  Click here to see all of her darling products!


I hope you have a great day!


~ Bonnie Elliott
short & sweet photography


Here are a few examples of what we have done so far. Enjoy!!



Spring Preview: Booking Now!!!

Samples from our Valentine's Sessions





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